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Matt Betts tries to explain himself

Somewhere High Above the City, Captain Plothole Watches... and Waits.

I write all kinds of things. I've published poetry, short fiction, flash fiction and an essay about my sheer geekiness for Star Wars. I'm working on a novel now.

My blog is at mattbetts.com. I also blog for Blood, Blade and Thruster Magazine. (bbtmagazine.com) I write a column on writing for for the newsletter of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers.

I facilitate a group of great writers called the Naked Wordshop. Or, the Wordshop for short. We've got about 12 writers of various genres that meet every week right here in Columbus. They're all brilliant and you'll know all their names soon enough.

My son's name is Calvin. He was born on 5/24/07. My wonderful wife is Mackenzie - pity her if Cal grows up to be as nerdy as his dad.

I've taught workshops and seminars in numerous places about writing, publishing and critique groups.